Alumni Tracking System

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Chapter 1


This chapter discusses the Background of the Study, the Company Profile, the Importance of the Study, the Statement of the Problem, the Objectives of the Study, and the Definition of Terms.

Background of the Study

Based on what we’ve researched from, the Alumni Tracking System allow graduates of the school to search and find classmates and friends by building a personal social network where they can share photos and news about themselves. These also provide opportunities for the alumni to be reconnected with former colleagues.

This Alumni Tracking System contributes to all incoming freshmen looking for a school to attend especially, the Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trades, all current students looking to pick or change a major, and also to all past and present students looking for help in finding a job or internship or even an advice from alumni about facing the real world.

According to Azize Nilgun Canel et. al (2011) Literature review provided the theoretical background to

why universities need to have alumni tracking systems. Using the data acquired, researchers developed a questionnaire which was answered by 142 volunteers of all graduates of Marmara University Atatürk Education Faculty. The participants were asked questions under the categories of "alumni needs for an alumni association and career planning", "longing for school days", "alumni voluntariness and what they can do", "need to communicate with professors", "school commitment", and "alumni expectations from the university". The replies were then analyzed statistically. Results indicated that the graduates needed alumni tracking system, a career planning center and an alumni association, and were positive to be approached via web. However, they also stated that they did not approve the idea of being asked for financial contribution to their alma mater. The research point out that former graduates' providing employment...