Alumni Tracking System Related Literature

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This chapter consists of application programs and review of related literatures and works.

Review of Related Literature

Internet nowadays is one of the biggest communication aids to connect all over the world, it also provides us efficient processing of information and many more.

One of the major problems of the society today is that, whether, it’s a business or a school, modern organization had become more and more dependent on information system to deal with the complexity and changeability of the market. Up to date, complete and accurate information has become a necessity to survive in an increasingly competitive world. [1]

Alumni Association was founded to promote fellowship among graduates, former students, faculty and staff members of Felkris Academy for its development and well being as an educational institution. It is founded to provide support service to the school, and one thing more is that the alumni will be a great source for fund raising of the school for the benefit of the students in the form of scholarship funds. So tracking of the graduates is important. Tracking can provide concrete evidence that will enable the boards and the wider public to evaluate a school's most important product--its graduates--in important ways. For easy access to the graduates of the school, the researchers are to study a web-based tracking system for Felkris Academy.

It is web-based so that it is easy for the graduates and the school to have communication with each other anytime and everywhere in the world. Every graduate can still be updated to what is happening to their school, how far did the developments have undergone after they left the school, the academic status and many more by accessing the system through the web. [2]

PSHS-IRC Alumni, we are undertaking a tracer survey to get the latest information from you, it includes general information, higher educational attainment, employment data,...