Wild West

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Monique Doran

Saint Leo Univ.

HCA 410

Term Paper: ‘Wild, Wild West’

In today’s society, especially the western, every cough and sniffle are treated with some medicine, from a counter of some sorts, shipped fresh to you from the labs of the corporations.

Since when did affairs of the human body and the restoration of its perfect balance belong or have any part in a science lab?

Then there are the oh so many, countless cases of persons who have even suffered death as a result of the complete neglect on this side of the Hemisphere, that there exists a world where one needs not dismember their body parts, but instead return to the herbs of the earth, and the ways of the past.

Walking or driving down the street every day, seeing persons overweight, barely able to walk, and just about one breath short of taking their last, suffering from dis-eases with the very name of the cause in it yet still they consume the same foods, keep the same unhealthy habits, then expect a miracle, in tablet form will solve all their problems.

But, it is easy to comprehend why these dynamics are the truth of our society, as the miseducation is quite evident.

When we travel the seas of the world, even if we were to venture through many paths of our own lands, wherever Homeopathic, alternative and closely earth bounded remedies are applied, there are no lies to be reported to the many wonders these methods produce, versus the meddling of medical science in the treatment of dis- ease.

If public safety is the topic we are discussing here then the medical science field has certainly done a spectacular job of neglecting the rule “first do no harm”. A patient’s safety has been violated the moment a doctor opens their mouths to utter the words cancers are incurable, or take a limb, when a simple change of diet and removal of toxic elements could have severely affected the situation for the better.

Not only has the patient’s safety been compromised and violated, a medical error has...