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  The functions of the manager are to plan, organize, lead, control, and improve (Fredendhall & Hill, 2001).  Give an example of a time that you have used the five skills. Your example can be personal or professional. I am going to use a very simple example to assist you in getting started.

Your assignment should include each of the functions and be a minimum of ten sentences. Submit you assignment by typing into or attaching a document to the dropbox. Please spell check your work before submitting.

 An example of what I’m looking for follows below:

We make hundreds of decisions a day. Some of these decisions seem so mundane that we give them little thought. According to Fredendhall and Hill (2001), the functions of the manager are to plan, organize, lead, control, and improve. If we were to apply the managerial functions to a basic task it might be making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I will have questions in the planning stage. Who am I making this sandwich for? When do they plan to eat and where? What are their expectations and preferences? Do they prefer a type of bread (white, wheat, whole grain), peanut butter texture (smooth or chunky), or Jelly flavor (grape, strawberry, apple, peach etc.), Napkins (paper or cloth), Knife (butter or serrated), Plate (disposable or washable). Should the bread be toasted? Should the sandwich be cut in half? Should the bread crust stay or be removed?

Once I have the answers to the planning questions, I can get organized. My customer is my seven year old nephew. He would like to have a grape jelly and smooth peanut butter sandwich, cut in half with the crust removed. He would like to have the wheat bread toasted.

I do not have the necessary supplies. I will have him help me prepare a shopping list and go to the grocery store. I will assist him in reading labels to determine unit price per item. He selects wheat bread, smooth peanut butter and grape jelly. We pay for the supplies,...