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Directions: Answer the following questions as you watch the film.

1. What are the various triggers for Sybil’s personalities to appear?

2. What odd behavior does Sybil exhibit?

3. How long do Sybil’s blackouts last?

4. Why do you think Sybil is afraid of the drawing?

5. Sybil has tunnel vision. What kind of disorder is that? (Hint: There’s no physiological

reason for the tunnel vision.)

6. Why does Sybil talk and act like a little girl?

7. Why does Sybil look at her watch?

8. How does the psychiatrist (Dr. Wilbur) explain Sybil’s blackouts?

9. Why doesn’t Sybil’s Dad want her to see Dr. Wilbur?

10. What childhood experience does Sybil’s personality, Peggy, relive in the hotel room in

Harlem? How old is Peggy?

11. What treatment is Dr. Wilbur going to use on Sybil?

12. Describe Vicky.

13. Why do you think Vicky describes her mother as an angel?

14. Does Vicky think she and the others are separate people from Sybil?

15. Describe Marsha.

16. Describe Sybil’s dream.

17. Describe Vanessa. What function does she serve?

18. What triggers Sybil’s personalities?

19. Why can’t Sybil see?

20. Who are “the people?”

21. What causes Sybil to dissociate to a baby?

22. Why do Sybil’s hands go numb? (What is the name for this disorder?)

23. Describe Mary.


24. What technique does Dr. Wilbur use to bring out Sybil’s personalities?

25. What is the “purple?”

26. What things does Sybil’s mother do to abuse Sybil?

27. Might Sybil have had a predisposition (diatheses) for psychopathology? Why? What

might have been a predisposition for her dissociation?

28. Why are Sybil’s hands tied with towels?

29. Describe how Sybil’s attempted suicide is handled by Dr. Wilbur and Richard.

30. Why does Sybil claim she was faking the multiple personalities?

31. What does Dr. Wilbur find out from Sybil’s old doctor?

32. What happened in the green kitchen that traumatized Sybil?

33. What does Sybil’s mom do to her to spoil her love of music?

34. How does the movie depict the fusion of the...