Mgt 236 Assignment 1

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MGT236 Assignment 1 CANNON CA5501640 Part 1

I recently had to make a difficult decision about whether or not to purchase a larger vehicle. The vehicles that I currently have are an older model diesel Ford F-250 truck that seats five people somewhat uncomfortably and can haul anything but gets poor fuel mileage and my wife’s compact Hyundai Elantra car that seats 5 people and gets excellent gas mileage. My wife and I live in our house with her 3 children, and we like to travel to local places on the weekend. Her eleven yr. old son, ten yr. old son and seven yr. old girls are growing very quickly which, in turn, is limiting their room of comfortability in the back seat when we travel. We are alright if we don’t travel further than 30-45 minutes, but they become extremely irritated, loud and start fighting if the trip is over 1 hour. We have taken four trips that became almost unbearable for everyone in the car.

I am battling for more custody of my seven yr. old and three yr. old girls that live in Maryland. We have not had the second custody hearing yet, and I know we will definitely need to have more room in the vehicle when we travel up there or for when they come to visit. The preliminary hearing didn’t go very well in my favor, so I was a little apprehensive of purchasing a larger vehicle that would accommodate all seven of us. We didn’t travel very far in the small Elantra, but when we did, it kept getting worse. Airfare is too expensive for five people to travel on our budget, so we definitely needed a larger vehicle in order for everyone to be comfortable.

My wife and I discussed purchasing a larger more accommodating vehicle, since my truck used so much fuel, had such a small back bench and her car was too small for our growing family. Since I was already paying for a lawyer and court costs, we were still uneasy about spending the money for the larger vehicle. We needed her car to travel back and forth from work, we needed my truck that was...