Software Management - What Is the System What Are Its Key Elements and Subsystems What Are the Boundaries and How Are They Determined What Is the Environment

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Software Management

1. Explain in detail the phases involved in the Waterfall model.

2. A software package is to be designed and build to assist in software cost estimation. It will input certain parameters and produce initial cost estimates to be used at bidding time.

a. It has been suggested that a software prototype would be of value in these circumstances. Explain why this might be.

b. Discuss how much prototyping could be controlled to ensure that it is conducted in an orderly and affective way and within a specified time span

3. Differentiate between principles of Conventional Software Engineering and Modern Software Management.

4. The application of risk management to software development projects has been strongly advocated. In practice, however, managers are often reluctant to apply the techniques. What do you think might be the reason for this

5. On a large project it is often be the responsibility of a team leader to allocate tasks to individuals. Why might it be unsatisfactory to leave such allocations entirely to the discretion of the team leader?

6. What do you mean by Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Explain it in detail

7. Explain in detail COCOMO Cost Estimation Model.

8. If you were asked as an expert to provide an estimate of the effort needed to make certain changes to an existing piece of software, what information would you like to hand to assist you in making that estimate?

9. Explain CMM, its levels in brief along with examples?

10. Explain in detail Iteration Workflows?

Software Project Management

1. In what ways are the Marshall Field’s flood disaster recovery effort a project? Why are large-scale disaster response and recovery efforts projects?

2. In what ways do the characteristics of crisis management as described in this case...