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Hick Moles/SPCH1101/Online.

Acupuncture: New Uses for an Ancient Remedy

10-09-15/8pm/Online (YouTube)

In the speech that was presented the young woman gave us very detailed information on acupuncture and how it is being used in western medicine today. We were informed that acupuncture is becoming a very successful way to cure pain and help people become healthier and live healthy lifestyles. When most people think of acupuncture they think of needles, and needles are generally associated with pain, but our presenter assured us that acupuncture was in no way painful to the body. She even brought in some acupuncture needles to show us exactly how small and thin they really are compared to needles that are used to draw blood or give shots. She informed us that acupuncture is originally a part of the Chinese culture and has been around for thousands of years, but it is now becoming a very large part of our culture and our medical practices. We were also informed that the presenter’s grandmother, who suffers from chronic pain due to arthritis, has received acupuncture and found that this form of treatment works better than pain medicine or any other form of prescription medication.

I genuinely enjoyed listening to this presentation, because I have always been very curious about learning more about acupuncture and how it is used in the medical field. I found our presenter to be very informing, she did an outstanding job getting her point across to her audience. She spoke very loud and clear, it really showed that she had a lot of confidence in the point she was trying to make. She spoke as if she had a lot of emotion behind her words and was passionate about this, and I believe that really does capture the audience’s attention. I also liked the fact that she showed a picture of what she was talking about, because the audience may have not been aware of what the Meridians of the body were and that was an excellent way to inform them. She also brought actual...