Organizational Culture

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Definition of organizational culture can be applied to all types of organizations, for instance, a business entity, an ordinary non-profit organization, a college or a government office. Furthermore, corporate culture and company culture sometimes also has a very basic similarity in business. In general, different organization has separate culture and subcultures. In addition, an enterprise probably has more than one organizational culture, such as a large enterprise has many kinds of department in different area, which sometimes results in disagreement with main styles, because they are not have same operation team and leaders. But it still plays an important role in organization.

Organizational culture was impacted on the local culture, company history, industry, technology, style of manager and staff own habit. It includes enterprise environment, organization's vision, enterprise values, ways of conduct, belief and ceremony, even norms, systems, symbols and language. Therefore, Schrodt Paul( 2002) advanced that organizational culture affects the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders. In addition, organizational culture may affect how much employees identify with an organization. It is (Said Abdullah 2015)suggested that organizational culture should be assessed as a multi-level construct comprising artifacts, espoused beliefs and values and underlying assumptions.

Culture of organizational has its special enchantment. Each of it all have a profound impact on their employees in working even daily life, which determines the success or failure of the organization to a large extent. Sharing organizational culture is conducive to unity. Sharing organizational culture is conducive to unity. Staff in an organization may comes from different areas or countries, so they have special tradition and background. In this case, organizational culture in workplaces makes employees a concerted effort to...