Organizational Culture as It Relates to Needs and Lifestyle

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The following research essay is a look into my personal preference of an organizational culture as it relates to my lifestyle and needs. I have had the opportunity to examine my personal experiences in the workplace for this project as well as to think about the organizational culture I think would be best suited to my personality, needs, and lifestyle. I researched several different types of organizational cultures and ended up choosing Human Resources management because it is an exciting, ever-changing career path that will allow me to be very involved with the business. As a Human Resource Manager, I would be handling personnel issues, training and complex business decisions. I have always enjoyed personal interaction and training and this area of management would fulfill not only that need, but will offer me many challenges on which I thrive.

Organizational Culture as it Relates to Needs and Lifestyle

Although today's corporations are highly focused on the overall company mission, the type of organizational structure that best suits my career and life needs is a challenging environment, which also recognizes the importance of family, as I believe a work/life balance is essential to a happy, healthy, productive workforce.

According to Medved, “when the strongest desire is to get away from the pain of work, the unconscious defense mechanism is procrastination, creative avoidance, and slovenly work. Estranged from work, what we are left with is a worldwide phenomena now being called “worker fatigue” (Medved, 2004).

While researching, as well as during this term, I learned about motivational theories and how they relate to specific factors that motivate individuals. More specifically, Frederick Herzberg talks about understanding the motivational implications of work environments in his two-factor theory, where he identifies two sets of factors that impacts motivation in the workplace.

First, there are what he calls “hygiene...