Leadership Profile

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Leadership Profile

Chaaundrea A. Brown

Strayer University

Reflect on your leadership experiences

Describe the leadership and managerial aspects of your most recent professional role.

As Team Leader for a Call Center, we handled customer service for Fortune 500 companies that provided their employees with cell phones. I was responsible for ensuring a service-oriented and professional working environment by supervising the performance of team members and executing necessary actions for their motivation when required. My managerial duties included: Monitoring, organizing, and coaching team on a day-to-day basis. Motivating and inspiring the team to surpass their potential. Documenting general reports on each team member’s performance and targets as well as ensuring that they exceed the targets. Handling escalated calls, complaints, questions, and queries as necessary. Creating sense of ownership within the employees and resolving employee issues, if any and creating a conducive work environment for all the call center’s employees.

Identify and describe 2 key experiences that have impacted you as a leader. I had a team member that was in his early sixties. Mr. McGowan was recently retired and applied for the job because he believed a “body in motion, stays in motion.” Although, he was kind and never blatantly rude to me, when it was time to provide feedback or coaching he wasn’t very receptive. He would say “there is nothing you can coach me on, I know enough to make a whole new world.” I didn’t know how to answer or approach Mr. McGowan during a coaching session. I met with my immediate supervisor, and she was able to provide me with different techniques to try when interacting with Mr. McGowan. This experience taught me to value his life experiences. During coaching and feedback sessions I would allow Mr. McGowan feel a part of the coaching process by recognizing some of his life lessons. I began using him as a mentor. If I had to leave for meetings or if...