Unit 2 Individual Project

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Brief Messages & Proposal Writing

COMS201-1603A-16 Technical and Professional Writing

July 18, 2013

Individual Project 2

CTU Online

July 18, 2016

Jack Robinson

Mayor, Xtown, USA

719 Main Street

Xtown, USA, 35671

Dr Mr. Robinson:

The purpose of the letter is to invite you to speak at the 10th Annual Helping Hand BBQ Festival on October 15, 2016. This festival is hosted by XYZ Retail and the main goal of the event is to raise money for 2 different nonprofit organizations. In previous years hundreds have attended the event and we have been able to donate over $10,000 to each organization. There will be guest speakers, live music, games, delicious BBQ, games and other various activities that are sure to bring fun and excitement to all.

This year the two groups that have been selected are the boys and girls club, which will help to send local kids to camp and other various activities, and Clean UP!, which works to clean up parks and install new play ground equipment around the town. We have heard from the community and feel that both of these organizations are working to better the community as a whole.

You are a well respected member of this community and a trusted member of the community. This is an opportunity for the two of us to work together to help make our community stronger. Together we can make the event stronger by showing the community:

* Together we can make changes

* Helping out your community can be fun

* Community members concerns have been heard

As the next step, I would like to set up a meeting with you to go over other details at your convenience. I will have my office manger call your office to set up a date and time for us to meet. I know the community would love to hear from you.

Thank you.


Jeanette Byrne