Business Ethics Ch1 8th Edition

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1. List any rationalization you see in the case.

When talking about rationalization I don’t see too much in this case due to the circumstances in which the case was presented, the only one I could identify was the part where the agreed that they were torturing the prisoners without a prior investigation.

2. Describe the legal and the ethical confrontation in these cases.

Due to the severity of the case there is nothing neither legal nor ethical about this they didn’t take in consideration the regulation that should be taken.

3. What would be your thoughts, reaction, emotions and analysis of the order?

In my opinion the decisions taken in this case were appropriated because of the national danger that this meant to the society, I know it may sound a little radical but when it comes to the security of the population everything is worth trying.


1. Think of a response to each of the reasons drivers give for speeding.

• I am in a hurry and I can get faster; this could be use when someone is in their way to work and the person is running late, but still this is not an excuse.

• The speed limit is arbitrary; this is ridiculous because the government have a group of expert to determine what is the safest limit a person can drive without causing much harm in case of an accident.

• If I go faster I present a danger to the other drivers; absolutely true if a driver is going faster than the other drivers this present a hazard to the other persons in the road.

• It is much saver to go with the traffic; not totally true, but still is the best way, this is not totally true because when someone is driving there is a current danger no matter what you do.

2. What are the risks of speeding?

Simple, driving is by far the most dangerous way of transporting, imagine is you don’t follow the regulations, the possibilities of a terrible accident will grow significantly.

3. Once I got a speeding ticket because I thought I was in the speed limit but it...