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Chapter 1


Background of the Study

A point of sale inventory management system allows a business owner to have

more than one business location and adequately keep track of inventory at each without

being present. No more worries about employee theft or pricing inconsistency between

one location and another. The boss can be away and not worry about employee theft.

Employee efficiency can be maintained. Point of sale systems take care of those problems

that result when management isn't present.

Ravi (2010) pointed out that manual sales systems are time consuming, it is very

tedious, lots of paper work, slow data processing, it is not user-friendly environment and

it is difficult to found records due file management system.

In an early age when the most of the company are still using the manual system in

the sales and inventory most of the company encountered so many problems and this is

because of the process of the existing system is too slow and too long. According to Kaye

Morris (2010), manual inventory management system can help sales and production

managers control costs by identifying lost sales due to inventory shortages; inventory

overrides on products that are not selling; losses due to employee’s theft or damage.

Implementing an inventory management system can take a large amount of time

depending on the size and diversity of inventory.

ERRORS! Beyond it being time consuming, inventory counts and incorrect sales

figures can be detrimental to your business (Juarez, 2010).


To overcome the deficiencies of manual system, many companies have

automated their inventory system. This system is used to track or monitor the

merchandise and goods of a retail store. With an automated Sales and Inventory System,

business rely on computers to do tasks that were once performed manually, such as

inventory check and product sales. Automated Sales and Inventory System these process

can be handled in a timely manner and also be...