R and E Sales and Inventory System

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R and E Food Station

Computerized Sales and Inventory System


A Special Project Presented to the Faculty of the

College of Sciences

Palawan State University

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


October 2014


First and foremost, to our Almighty God who gave us knowledge, good health, strength and wisdom for helping us in our daily needs, and because of which we were able to finish this thesis without being ill or face any obstacles. We all bring back the Glory to our Almighty God.

Our special gratitude goes to our research advisers Mr. Rhay Niel Tacud and to our System Analysis and Design instructor Mr. Kent Lagrada, because of their continuous support, patience and passion in this research, we got and learned so much from their comments and that helped us a lot into doing our best. We thank themfor instilling us the spirit and motivation to work hard because of which we were able to properly focus into this project. We are very thankful to have both of them as our instructor and research adviser for our research papers.

Also, it would not be possible for us to complete this research without the great support of Mrs. Teresa, the owner of the R and E food Station. Thanks to her for being very responsive in providing necessary information we needed for this research.

We owe our deepest gratitude to our parents for their financial and moral support and for motivating us with their words of encouragement.

Lastly, we would like to thank our friends and colleagues for the encouragement and support that they have shared with us.

* The researchers



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