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Who or What inspires you?

I. Introduction

a. “Being humble means recognizing we are not on earth to see how important we can become but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others.” – Gordan B. Hinckley

b. Seeing people with everything they’ve dreamed of still be humble and give back to their community inspires me greatly.

c. Doing good deeds when cameras aren’t around, giving back because you want not because you have too, and remaining humble because you’ve either been in their situation or you’ve had someone close to you be in that situation.

II. Point 1

d. A lot of celebrities think just because their on camera giving back society sees them as good people but looks can be deceiving

e. Many celebrities give back but some do it and don’t announce it on social media and let the whole world know.

f. Example: Bradley Cooper reportedly donated thousands of dollars’ worth of winter clothing to homeless people in Philadelphia, where he's filming his latest movie. Instead of giving back in the place your filming why not go to your home town or the place you grew up at.

III. Point 2

g. Do you think most celebrities give back because they want to or have too?

h. You see celebrities in pictures and at events but do they really go because they want to see the excitement in kids eyes when they see their favorite rapper, singer, or actor.

i. Also in this video I watched this guy talk about all the celebrities who don’t give back his name is Boyce Watkins and he speaks out on a lot of things and this subject I think he hit the mark.

IV. Point 3

j. Not all celebrities are bad some actual give a lot of money back because they’ve either been in the child’s position or know someone who was.

k. Example: On August 15 Cam Newton was seen walking out of a restaurant and had extra bags of food and give it to a homeless man and walked off. No cameras around just regular...