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Environmental Analysis


University of Phoenix

1199 SEIU Training & Employment Fund is the mandated training division of 1199SEIU – the Union that services Health and Human Services workers. The Union is the largest of its kind, having grown through acquisitions and mergers, is comprised of several other unions including Service Employees Union, Local BJ, 144 GNY. Offering training to these healthcare workers and professionals serves to fill both a benefit and a need as there has been a projected shortage in healthcare professionals. There are many external factors that influence the choices, direction, actions and ultimately the organizational structure and internal processes. 1199 SEIU TEF has strategically adapted to many of these forces. This Fund operates within the healthcare industry which is one the largest industries and is projected to create more new jobs than any other industry by the year 2016. (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2007)

The healthcare industry is very unique in that the majority of workers are in professional occupations. The Training & Employment Fund, like wise, is very unique in this unique field. It offers training and upgrading of skills for professional occupations, benefits and compensation for workers in this unique industry. This training is impacted by the remote environment in the form of social, political and technological factors, in the industry environment, it is impacted by entry barriers and competitive rivalry and in the operating environment; it is impacted by members, labor and suppliers.

Trend 1: Remote environment

Social Factor: “Social forces are dynamic, with constant change resulting from the efforts of individuals to satisfy their desires and needs by controlling and adapting to environmental factors.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is projected that there will be an increase in the proportion of women who are working or looking for work (BLS 1997) The...