Environmental Analysis: Bridal Extravaganza

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Environmental Analysis Paper


University of Phoenix

Organization Identification

Bridal Extravaganza is a start up business. This business is looking for initial investors. It is owned by Amy Moore, and will be located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area.

Organizational Background

Bridal Extravaganza will be a 3-4 story mall on one side with vendors from all aspects of a wedding including: flowers, ministers, invitations, caterers, bakers, dress shops, tuxedos, alterations, salons, spas, etc. The opposite side of the development will house the weddings, receptions, bridal suites for dressing, kitchens for caterers, salons and spas. There will also be an outdoor rose garden off the vicinity to house out door weddings and receptions. The caterers and bakers will be in house employees and there will be bridal consultants that worked directly for Bridal Extravaganza that would help coordinate all of the bridal needs. Customers could either use the services for offsite weddings or in house weddings.

Macroeconomic Forecast

Economic indicators were obtained from the May 1, 2008 Market Indicators & Forecasts from EIU Data Services. Economic indicators show private consumption to be on the rise over the next 5 years. In 2008, private consumption forecasts show to be $10064.40, in 2009 it will be $10393.70, 2010 it will be $10879.1, 2011 it will be $11434.80, in 2012 it will $12032.30, and 2013 private consumption forecasts show $12064.30. Consumer expenditures including other goods and services also show an incline in the 5 years. Forecasts in consumer expenditures for 2008 appear to be $1459090.00, with a continual rise to meet the year 2013 with $1775120.00. The importance of this is to give Bridal Extravaganza the needed information for forecasting future revenue.

Remote Environment

Social and Cultural

“The social factors that affect a firm involve the beliefs, values, attitudes, opinions, and lifestyles of persons in the firm's external...