Total Quality Management - Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood , Explain Briefly

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Total Quality Management


An organization exists because of its customers. Customer satisfaction is a proof of successful TQM implementation and therefore finds high importance in the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria and quality system certification standards. Quality is defined from customer’s perspective. TQM requires focus or both external as well as internal customers. Customer perception of quality depends on many aspects, such as performance, service, warranty price and reputation. Organizations need to set up a feedback mechanism for measuring level of customer satisfaction. Organizations must listen to each complaint, analyze root causes and take corrective and preventive action to resolve the same.

Q1) Is the main concern of most consumers the price of the product or service? Explain.

Q2) Explain the importance of customer and customer services?

Q3) Explain customer code of ethics?

Q4) How does employee satisfaction relate to customer satisfaction?


Senior leadership of an organization should set direction, creative clear vision, inculcate customer focus, nurture values and set clear expectations to motivate employees and suppliers. Stephen Convey’s The Seven Habits of highly Effective People provides a foundation of ethical and principle centered leadership to drive TQM implementation. Deming’s 14 points also provide guidance to decide the policies and direction. It is critically important that leadership and senior management demonstrates their commitment and involvement through their actions for the success of TQM. A quality committee consists of leadership and functional leaders. This committee establishes the objectives and roadmap and provide resources for TQM implementation.

Q1) Define leadership?

Q2) Select one or more of Deming’s 14 points and describe how you would achieve or implement it?...