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The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), established in 1993, is a civil society initiative to

promote an ongoing dialogue between the principal partners in the decision-making and

implementing process. The dialogues are designed to address important policy issues and

to seek constructive solutions to these problems. The Centre has already organised a

series of such dialogues at local, regional and national levels. The CPD has also organised

a number of South Asian bilateral and regional dialogues as well as some international

dialogues. These dialogues have brought together ministers, opposition frontbenchers,

MPs, business leaders, NGOs, donors, professionals and other functional group in civil

society within a non-confrontational environment to promote focused discussions. The

CPD seeks to create a national policy consciousness where members of civil society will

be made aware of critical policy issues affecting their lives and will come together in

support of particular policy agendas which they feel are conducive to the well being of

the country.

In support of the dialogue process the Centre is engaged in research programmes which

are both serviced by and are intended to serve as inputs for particular dialogues organised

by the Centre throughout the year. Some of the major research programmes of the CPD

include The Independent Review of Bangladesh's Development (IRBD), Trade

Related Research and Policy Development (TRRPD), Governance and Policy

Reforms, Regional Cooperation and Integration, Investment Promotion and

Enterprise Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, Environment and

Natural Resources Management, and Social Sectors. The CPD also conducts periodic

public perception surveys on policy issues and issues of developmental concerns. With a

view to promote vision and policy awareness amongst the young people of the country,

CPD is implementing a Youth Leadership Programme.

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