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Interview Study Guide© Revised 2003

INTRODUCTION Welcome to Wharton’s revised Case Interview Study Guide! The Guide was compiled by your consulting club members to help you prepare for the first step towards your dream consulting job – the interview. Typically, candidates encounter both a fit interview as well as a case interview. The latter comprises an example of the type of problems that consultants generally face. It is important to remember that there is no “right” answer for case interviews. Instead, the successful interviewee is one that is able to think through the issues, develop a structured response and confidently communicate these to the interviewer. This Guide is meant to help you in that process, and we encourage you to practice as many sample cases as possible, from this source as well as others, in order to tackle the case questions you will encounter. This Guide outlines a description of the types of cases that you will likely encounter. It also provides frameworks that will help you construct a The final section of the Guide includes a number of structured response. recruiting season.

sample cases that were given to first and second years during the past They represent the latest arsenal of cases interviewers You should view them as being representative of Keep in mind, have used on students.

the type of cases you will get during your interviews.

however, that interviewers draw on their actual consulting experience to create their interview cases, and that the interviewer will modify the case based on your responses. Thus, each case is different for each student.


Case Interview Study Guide ©

Our sincere thanks go to Nina Barton and the class of 2003 consulting club members for initiating this Guide. We also thank the members who contributed their cases for the benefit of all candidates this year. Please provide your suggestions on this Guide so that we may continue to improve it for coming...