The Report on General Banking of Ucbl

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1.1 Origin of the Study

This report is being assigned as a part of the Bachelor Business Administration Program, (Internship). To prepare this report under the state of University’s requirement, I accommodate my internship program in United Commercial Bank Ltd. For the completion of the course, as an essential part I had prepared this Report. This report is being formed on the “General Banking Practices of United Commercial Bank Ltd, Dhanmondi Branch”. For the whole period of my internship I have worked on each department of the Bank but I was densely concentrated on General banking. For that reason I made my Report on “General Banking Practices of United Commercial Bank Ltd,” Dhanmondi Branch. And is also the recommendation of my honorable supervisor of Internship Program.

1.2 Objective of the study

Broad Statement:

The main objective of the study is to analyze the general banking procedures of United Commercial

Bank Ltd. Dhanmondi Branch.

Specific objectives:

• To have knowledge of different activities of United Commercial Bank Limited of Dhanmondi Branch

• To evaluate general banking the activities of UCBL

• To identify the different problems of the Bank regarding general banking

• To recommend some solutions and

• To apply the theoretical knowledge in the practical field

1.3 Background of the Study

 Literature Review

1.4 Scope of the report

This Internship report covers all the trade related products handled by United Commercial Bank Limited

Such as Cash Management, Account Opening Procedure, procedure of on- line- Banking Operations, Bills & remittance department and Accounts. While preparing this report I had a great opportunity to have knowledge in depth of these activities. This skills and experiences will help me throughout the professional life in the future.

1.5 Methodology:

This report is based on a conclusive research .In order to make the make the report more meaningful, tracing out the problems and also...