Internship Report on General Banking

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I do hereby declare that the internship report entitled to “Operational Commercial Bank: A Case study on Jamuna Bank Limited’, embodies the result of my own basic works, persuade under the supervision of _ MD. Hafijul Islam, Course Instructor & Lecturer, BBA Program, Northern College Bangladesh

I further reaffirm that the information reported in the report is original one and it is my own basic work.



BBA 2nd Batch

ID no. B02412

Northern College Bangladesh



This is to certify that MOHAMMAD FARUK KHAN, student of BBA, session 2003-2004, bearing ID No. B02412 under Faculty of Business Administration, Northern College Bangladesh (Under National University), has completed the internship report on “Operational Commercial Bank: A Case study on Jamuna Bank Limited, Dhaka.

I recommend the report for evaluation.

I wish him every success in life.


MD. Hafijul Islam

Course Instructor & Lecturer

BBA Program

Northern College Bangladesh

(Under National University)

1/2A, Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur,

Dhaka - 1207


Practice makes a man perfect and practical knowledge is essential in order to introducing with the practical life. Theoretical knowledge has no impact without with the combination of practical knowledge. From this orientation institution, as parts of its academic curriculum sends its BBA final year students to various business concerns with a view to allowing students to get opportunity to acquire practical and professional knowledge. As a partial fulfillment of BBA in Marketing the writer of this report was also assigned the task of preparing the term paper, the topic was to “Operational Commercial Bank: A Case study on Jamuna Bank Limited” The report has been prepared after careful observation of the all components of general banking, annual reports of the bank, official’s direct speech and on the basis of other...