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Prepared For:

MD.Shariat Ullah

Senior Lecturer

Department of Business Administration

East West University

Prepared By:

Irfan Hassan ID#2005-1-15-013

Tanjina Jesmin ID#2005-3-10-065

Afia Ferdous ID#2005-1-13-016

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Date of submission: 05-12-07


As a mandatory requirement of the “Principles of Human Resource Management Course this report paper is prepared on “Square Pharmaceuticals”. Gathering the information was bit difficult task but this type of report writing is helpful for our practical Knowledge.

We would like to thank our instructor Shariat Ullah, for his kind support, guidance and help in preparing the report. In doing the report we have also got help from our HRM-301(Principles of Human Resource Management) course and the required text of the course ‘Personnel Management’ by David A. Decenzo/Stephen P. Robbins. It never would have been possible to prepare this Human Resour ce report paper at this stage without his consultation and assistance.

Letter of transmittal

December 05, 2007

MD.Shariat Ullah

East West University

43, Mohakhali C/A

Dhaka - 1212

Dear Sir:

We have prepared a report paper on “Square Pharmaceuticals” that you authorized us to prepare for the partial fulfillment of our HRM-301course requirement. We have tried our best to follow your guidelines in every aspect of preparing this report. We have collected what we believed to be the most relevant information to make this report as consistent as possible.

We enjoyed preparing this report because it provided us an opportunity to increase our understanding of basic Human Resource Management concepts and practice. We feel certain that this experience will help us in our professional life. We appreciate this opportunity to prepare this report. We will be happy to answer any questions on this subject.

Thank you,...