Young People and the Law Reforms

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Year 11 Task 1

Legal Studies

Contemporary Law Reform Issue

Research and Response

Young Drivers and the Law

Part A

Outline the necessity for the reform in this area and describe the role of the agents involved in the issue and the mechanisms each agency uses.

The necessity for reform in regards to young drivers and the law is highly important. There are many

conditions that give reason to create reforms. These include changing social values, changing

composition of society, new concepts of justice, failure of existing laws, international law and

conventions and new technology. [1] There are already some reforms that are in place, to help

and/or protect young drivers. This is often attributed to a lack of driving skills and ability to

concentrate on the road.(this can be seen in the report[2]) Some reforms that are already in place

that try to counter act this, consist of learner drivers must be over the age of 16 and drive for a total

of 120 supervised hours that is recorded in a log book that is supplied by the RTA before applying

for a provisional license, mobile phones, (including hands free) loud speaker functions and blue

tooth accessories are restricted to those under 25 years old that are on a learners permit or on a P1

provisional license and also “L” plates and “P” plates must be visible by other drivers when driving.[3]

These are needed because the death involving p-plate drivers is increasing, young drivers account

for one third of road fatalities and young drivers are more likely to be involved in a crash after dark.

[2][4]The agencies involved in these reforms are the federal government and the RTA. The role of the

federal government in the issue of young drivers and the law is that they’re responsible for creating

the law regarding young drivers. This is done by looking at statistics of all car accidents, fines and

penalties and then deciding whether there needs to be anything done to help lower the...