Air Force Fitness Management System (Affms)

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Executive Summary on Air Force Fitness Management System

The military has understood that there are several factors which shape and influence its organizational environment. Its atmosphere is changing according to the dynamics of its multi-faceted nature and its ability to accommodate the impact of a combination of social, legal, physical, and political factors that affects its daily operations. Resulting interactions and significant changes in any of these facets will create leadership and service pressures that must be addressed on a daily level within the organization in order for it to respond successfully. According to Rainer (2009), organizations typically respond to these pressures with activities supported by IT, information technology. Military culture is changing as a result of various social and environmental influences, especially its demands for deployment readiness. Widespread organizational changes, within its demanding political environment, are affecting all military concerns, specifically its physical requirement and performance levels for Airmen.

The new physical training standard and information monitoring system, Air Force Fitness Management System (AFFMS), is a way to ensure Airmen are prepared to do the nation’s work and encourage them to embrace a culture of fitness (Air Force, 2010). Individuals or entire commands are working with each other, helping their wingmen through team building and sports activities, thus ensuring organizational dynamics are maintained and upholding the Air Force value system. New information technologies are bridging awareness levels of total health and wellness throughout the Air Force. A fit force reduces not only overall health costs, but also helps keep Airmen invested in their wellness, even beyond the scope of duty. Today’s Airmen are called upon to perform duties outside the normal Air Force mission.

It is this author’s opinion that in the past, Airmen did not train for their fitness...