Organ Donation

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Organ Donation

My persuasive research I have chosen is becoming an organ donor. I chose this because I am one I have been since I turned 17 and received my driver’s license; it is that easy to sign up, no effort at all. When I first started here at McCann I took Oral Communications my first term, we were required to do seven speeches. The last speech was to persuade our audience, I was caught between two topics. Then all of a sudden I look at my license and decided to look up organ donation, there was good information so I focused on that topic.

I am a business major not a medical student so I did my peers by surprise with this topic since my speeches was related to business somehow. I was surprised by the statistics of how long someone actually has to wait, and the results of a person on a waiting list ends up dying before getting the help that they need. I found out how we really have a major shortage which I didn’t know. My instructor also shared with us a story about how you knew when a plane had an organ donation on board because the plane was so heavily guarded.

I recently watched a movie on the black market of organ donation I would like to research that as well. Thanks to our social media sites we are able to reach out more for donors however I feel everyone should be one. They say when a life ends another one begins, how true that is.