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Appendix D

TV Character Evaluation

Part I

Write a summary of 350-700 words identifying the contributions of Freud, Jung, and Rogers.

Sigmund Freud is by far one the most well-known and influential psychologists and theorist. He focused much of his attention on consciousness, but he also focused on unconsciousness as it related to thoughts, feelings, and ideas that we are not aware of. Freud believed that three things; id, ego, and superego, are what made the structure of one’s personality. He thought that id operated on the pleasure that allows a person to gain pleasure before pain happens. He also believed that the ego is what allows a person to make a conscious decision based on their own desires in a safe way. The superego is the part of a person’s personality that gives them mortality. Without the superego a person would be selfish and unsociable. Sigmund Freud’s theories were based greatly on a person’s sexuality.

Carl Jung believed in analytical psychology. While many people were interested in Freud’s views, they were also interested in Jung’s views. Carl Jung thought that people’s behavior patterns were inherited. These thought patterns are called archetypes. Jung also brought that anima, persona, and animus were also factors of personality in both men and women. Persona is the part of personality that people let others see. Anima is the female archetype. This is the female qualities within a man. Animus is the opposite of anima. This is the male archetype of masculine qualities such as being a loner with low self-esteem. Carl Jung’s ideas were based on a person’s spiritual and rational qualities.

Carl Rogers was another well know psychologist, however, unlike Freud, he believed that people were generally good and healthy. He also believed that mental health was a result of whatever was happening in one’s life at a given time. He thought that the negative effects on people’s personalities such as...