Study Habits and Academic Performance

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Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 4 (4): 323-328, 2009 ISSN 1990-9233 © IDOSI Publications, 2009

Teachers’ Production, Utilization and Turnover Patterns in the Primary School Education System in Nigeria


Sunday O. Adegbesan and 2Lasun Gbadamosi


Training and Research Fellow, National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration, (NIEPA), Ondo State, Nigeria 2 Educational Management and Business Education Department, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria

Abstract: With regard to the quality of teachers produced in Nigeria, the quality of results and number of pupils who graduate to secondary schools have continued to fall. This claim has been blamed on the inadequate, inefficient and ineffectiveness of teachers among other factors still, institutions continue to train millions of teachers yet they are not adequate in the system. The call to address these issues of inadequacy, inefficiency and ineffectiveness yielded negative result by the government and other stakeholders because the magnitude of the problem is alarming and capable of causing crisis within the primary education system. This paper now critically looks at the state of teachers’ production, utilization and turnover patterns at primary school level and gives suggestions as recommendation which would serve as solutions to the deficiencies highlighted. Key words: Teacher % Production % Utilization % Turnover % Primary education system INTRODUCTION One of the major problems of the current crises in Nigeria education system is the failure or inability of the state to ensure adequately supply of qualified teachers to all publicly owned primary schools in the country. Primary school education which could otherwise be referred to as the beginning or the foundation, upon which other subsequent levels of educational pursuit could effectively be built, deserves serious attention of educationists, parents and all others who desire societal progress. The...