Skinner Article

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Skinner Article

Kathy Acosta


Axia College of University of Phoenix

August 9, 2011

Trent Koide

Burrhus Frederic Skinner was an American behaviorist, author, inventor, social philosopher, and poet. Burrhus Skinner invented the operant conditioning chamber. Skinner used rats and pigeons. Using the animal help skinner test the rats and pigeon to see, this of the two would open the chamber for food so the animals could eat (Woodward, 1996).

Operant conditioning theory showed skinner how humans would react to the same test, for example; a parent would use positive enforcement to his or her child for good grades or for doing chores. The parent would have a special gift or allowance once a week for a good job well done (Woodward, 1996).

The teacher is a good example of showing the correct punishment for a child. Teachers must realize, which each child is different from another before he or she decides how to punish or reward him or her. When rewarding him or her with candy these can initially reinforcing for most children. If he or she eats a large amount of candy this can be punishing or neutral. Human’s should be careful when labeling events or items as punishers or reinforces (Comer, 2005), p. 197.

Superstitious behavior is when he or she would repeat the same thing over and over again (Comer, 2005), p.198. For example; in my line of work the hospitality industry, I would wait on customer’s who would come in to eat at the restaurant and take his or her order. I would repeat this by waiting on different tables and customer’s during my shift and how I was rewarded the customer’s would show how good the service was by giving me tips. This was repeated through my shift.


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