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Dear Recruiting Manager,

After going through the requirements for the advertisement that was posted for a Childcare Trainee, I am certainly interested to apply for this position. I can justify this role to its fullest potential as I have been a Teacher with Ryan International School known for Knowledge, Discipline and Co-operation purports to inculcate sterling qualities in young cadets.

Education is more than just literacy. Education is awareness. Education is wholesome conglomeration of literacy, spiritual and temporal growth, broader horizons, zeal and zest for life, an understanding of the global village that is, the world, and empathy for its citizens.

Teach courses in English language and literature, including linguistics and comparative literature.

Prepare course objectives and outline for course of study following curriculum guidelines or requirements of state and school.

Lecture, demonstrate, and use audiovisual teaching aids to present subject matter to class.

Maintain order in classroom. Counsels pupils when adjustment and academic problems arise.

Discuss pupils' academic and behavioral attitudes and achievements with parents.

Keep attendance and grade records as required by school.

Evaluate students' interests, aptitudes, temperament, and individual characteristics to determine suitable instrument for a better child.


* I will be resuming my Bachelors in Early Education from February 2012, so Cert III will be helpful and added experience.


* I also have working as a Trainer for 5.5 years in the BPO industry with First Source Solutions Ltd (formerly known as ICICI One Source Pvt Ltd) covering most departments which include Operations, Training, Recruitment & Quality

Functional areas – Soft Skill Training - Customer service Training, Voice and Accent Training for US processes, Telecommunication & Telemarketing Training for Out Bound and In-Bound processes, Quality Assurance Training, Hiring and...