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DOE-I Basic Design of Experiments

(The Taguchi Approach)

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DOE-I Basic Design of Experiments



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Nutek, Inc. All Rights Reserved Basic Design of Experiments (Taguchi Approach) Version: 080617

Course Overview

Design of Experiment (DOE) is a powerful statistical technique for improving product/process

designs and solving production problems. A standardized version of the DOE, as forwarded by Dr.

Genichi Taguchi, allows one to easily learn and apply the technique product design optimization and

production problem investigation. Since its introduction in the U.S.A. in early 1980’s, the Taguchi

approach of DOE has been the popular product and process improvement tool in the hands of the

engineering and scientific professionals.

This seminar will cover topics such as: Orthogonal arrays, Main effects, Interactions, Mixed

levels, Experiment planning, etc. Participants in this seminar learn concepts with practice problems and

hands-on exercise. The goal of the seminar discussion will be to prepare the attendees for immediate

application of the experimental design principles to solving production problems and optimizing existing

product and process designs....