Ops 571 Week 3

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Identifying the Bottlenecks

Mellissa Arce

OPS 571

Lester Reams

August 15, 2011

Getting my son ready for school is approximately a 30-minute process, but it could improve. Waking a five- year- old up and making him function can be challenge. Identifying the main bottleneck in this process can improve the process of getting up in the morning. After identifying the bottleneck in the morning routine, I can use Goldratt’s theory to overcome the bottleneck issues.


A couple of steps can be eliminated from the morning routine and done the night before. Making his lunch the night before could free up 31 minutes each week. Getting my son dressed in the morning could be reduced to two minutes by laying out the clothes the night before. The main bottleneck in the morning routine is making my sons lunch in the morning, which does not add value to the morning process. Instead of making my sons lunch in the morning I could leave at an earlier time for take my son for school or making a warm healthy breakfast instead of cold cereal.

Goldratt’s Theory

Goldratt’s Theory is used to identify the weakest constraint and restructure the rest of the routine around it. Making my sons lunch in the morning is the biggest constraint. Using the time frame in the morning that was once used to make my son’s lunch could be expanded to the breakfast slot, which allows my son a few extra minutes to eat and enjoy his breakfast without the hustle. Acquiring more time for breakfast will ensure that my son will be able to function more efficiently while at school.


Identifying the bottleneck, which is making lunch in the morning, can be moved to the night before without adding any value to the process of waking my son up...