Social Security and Retirement in the Us

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In the United States, we do not need to plan for retirement. Social Security will cover our needs when we are retired. I plan on bringing to light what an oxymoron I believe this is, in present day and age let alone in the future. In my paper I will point out how people are having a difficult time surviving daily life now on social security, and the economy in a constant downward spiral. I will also point out that it is never too early to start investing in our health and securing our future. Most Americans cannot afford their medicines now so this is the time to start putting a little more savings aside for future cost is now not the future. Americans also like to think “the bigger the better” well I for one believe it is time we start getting back to the basics, and start doing away with all the big, flashy, cars, houses, and vacations and start investing in our future. All over the world there are new advancements in medical treatments, which have all of us living longer healthier lives we need to start saving and planning for that future now. Americans need to realize that our government is running on the highest deficit ever, if the people we elect to keep all of this in order cannot do this now, what makes us think that they will be able to secure retirement for us? We need remember “we are the only ones looking out for us,” and we need to start investing in how we see ourselves retiring. One way to approach this goal would be to start investing aggressively while we are young, and gradually start scaling back as we get closer to our ideal retirement age. Another plan would be to not buy into to extravagant lifestyle and live a quiet satisfying life. These small steps, will give us a better future towards our retirement. What do you think you could cut back on today to start saving for tomorrow? Do you think that with the way our economy is today that there will be Social Security for us tomorrow?