Facebook vs Myspace

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A Comparative Analysis of facebook.com and MySpace.com

Social Networking is the latest fad pushing the evolution of the World Wide Web. When you think about social network the first two sites that come into your mind are facebook and MySpace. Each of these sites provides a distinct experience catered to varying tastes. Let us now dig deep and unearth some of the distinct features which have made these sites popular and unique.

Mac vs. windows dilemma

As I began to dissect the 2 hugely popular social networking sites, I remembered the fierce debate on Mac and PC. On one hand there is simplicity and reliability, and on the other, there is customization and compatibility.

Facebook is simple, elegant and easy to use. There are hardly any spams and social networking seems to be the main focus. In facebook adding contacts and communicating with them seems very convenient. Although there isn’t much customization for people who want to make their interface a work of art, the interface seems very user-friendly.

MySpace is highly customizable. If you have a creative talent, there is no limit to designing your interface. It seems to be more than just a basic social networking site as it quenches the thirst for artistic expressions – be it music, video or design. At a first glance MySpace seemed like a cocktail of YouTube, twitter, flickr and a news site. Although all these features are impressive, they can be overwhelming as well. The freedom of personalization may result in a complicated navigation and a heavy feel to a page.

When it comes to applications and games, the sheer volume and variety available on facebook, dwarfs that of MySpace’s. Facebook has such viral games like Farmville and voice call applications for all those who want to be connected.

From me to my business

In recent times, facebook has been seen as a business tool. Through facebook, businesses can promote themselves by making pages and publicizing events. Either open or closed groups can also be...