Ipad Security Breach

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iPad’s Security Breach

Determine if hacking into a Web site is ever justifiable, applying your theory to a real-world case in which someone hacked into a system, including the name of the company and details.

Sony Ericsson is the largest mobile phone selling and making company and their website has been hacked. Due to hacking of their website, there were 10 core online user accounts affected. In order to prevent the hacking, all servers were shut down. The senior analyst said that the data stolen by hackers is unlimited and the size is undefined. There was a billion dollar loss due to this hacking as the personal information of Sony Erickson website was displayed on ‘hacker news’ a website for hackers. This information consisted of names, email ids, phone numbers and encrypted passwords of users except the details of their credit card. According to my point of view, this situation is very critical and occurs due to major security issues. The Company CEO apologized to all users and also said that we are working on these issues and implementing security measure so this will not happen in the future.

For the last few years there has been a rapid increase in crime activities related to peer-to-peer networks. One can define this network as the network in which an individual’s computers is linked with multiple computers around the whole world with the help of internet. Although the primary purpose of this network is to share the important files with others but some anonymous users make illegal use of it.

Computer hacking- As peer-to-peer networks enable the individual’s computer and files to share among millions of other people across the world, it increases the chances of the system getting hacked. Some hackers even try to expose the computers to virus and worms; another incident is when a government site was hacked. Russian hackers broke into a Rhode Island government web site to steal credit card data in January 2006. Hackers claimed the SQL injection attack...