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Team and Team Process Case Study

Leveda Shaw


Martha Plant


Question: Apply your knowledge of teams and team processes to explain possible causes for team members’ experiences. What interventions can you recommend to address concerns expressed by Nurse B?

Nurses A, exhibits a member of a professional based group in the health care organization. This group focuses on quality improvement, and strives for patient centered care.

I believe each member on this team is capable of playing many roles, though each member holds a particular role. When you find a team that can work together and perform daily job tasks especially under pressure, that’s considered a team that is diverse, and there is trust among the members. (Lemieux-Charles L, McGuire WL. What do we know about health care team effectiveness?)

Transient health care teams, have the advantage of drawing from different but complementary areas of expertise, therefore the patient receives the best care possible. Nurse A, was not offended by the circulating nurse informing her that she was grabbing the wrong wire, she portrayed it as sharing knowledge that’s teamwork. (Mintzberg, H. Power In and Around Organizations. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 171–271; 1983.)

The circulating nurse was confident enough to warn Nurse A, that she was picking up the wrong wire, this incident alone shows trust and team work, the nurses were more concerned about the patient than being right or wrong. Working in big organizations with highly trained professionals can be very competitive at times, and many conflicts arise.

Being a member of a health care team that is professional, not only do they show integrity, but they are mindful of the growth and quality of that organization. (Health Organizations: Theory, Behavior, & Development. Jones & Bartlett Publishers p. 112-113).

Nurse b, exhibits a health care worker that has a role conflict. When conflicts arise a focal person perceives that...