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I was born June 25, 1963. I was born in Wilmington, Delaware. I have two brothers and two sisters. My mother is still living, my father passed away three years ago.

I attended nine years of catholic school. After my ninth grade, I transfer to a vocational high school. At the vocational school I majored in electrical trades. After graduating from high school I took one year off and then started my college years. I attended two years at Delaware Technical and Community College. There I majored in Business Administration.

In 1981 I started to date my wife. We dated for six years before getting married. We have three wonderful children. My oldest is 22 years old. He joined the National Guard after one year of college. He deployed to Iraq and now is AGR. My second is nineteen years old. He is an electrician and currently employed. My only daughter, she is 13 years old. She is in middle school.

I joined the National Guard at the age of twenty two. I came in with the rank of PFC. I received that rank because of my college credits. I went to basic and AIT at Fort Leonardwood. I graduated AIT with the MOS of 51R (Interior electrician). I deployed to Operation Desert Storm in November of 1990. We returned home in May of 1991. I reenlisted and in 1995 I was federally recognized as a Warrant Officer Candidate. I started my Warrant career in our Facilities section at headquarters. I spent six years there before being transferred to the 249th Engineer Utility Detachment. There I served as XO, ADSO, EEO and any other duty that needed to be assigned. During a transformation of our engineer units, I was name commander of our horizontal engineers. Then I was transferred to the 160th Engineers where I currently serving as the Construction Operations Officer. I also have every other duty assigned to me.

In 1981 I worked at a grocery store. I started out as a cart person and worked my way up to Front End Manager. I was there for three years. After leaving the grocery store,...