All This Love

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Welll, it’s been 10 years since we’ve start meeting like this, you and me, in clubs, on beaches, love spaces after dark, in my car.

Where did time go? seems like just yesterday,

I remember the first time you touched me, I felt you so deep, and we danced and danced for hours

You made me feel so free, thank you for that; I just wanted to say that I love you,

I loved you all along, you know, through all of that is you and me, always there, to keep me saint,

When I needed to run, escape, we met on the dance floor and you gave me wings to fly

When I needed to purge myself, your beats moved me to hot sweating nights

Man, and I love you for that, I have all this love for you.

I was walking around south beach this morning, after our escapade last night, as usual, you were fantastic,

I mean, I barely caught my breath the whole night, and, you did with my body, exactly all you wanted to

I can hardly walk when you were through, it was so worth it, its always so worth it,

I have nothing but love for you.

So now, as I get to dress you with my words once again

I just want to say “happy anniversary, it’s been a great 10 years, here’s to many more,”

House music, I love you, I have all this love for you

I love you, house music; I have all thïs love for you…