Comparing Gods and Goddess

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Comparing Gods and Goddess Paper

When comparing Gods and Goddess myths the elements are the same, power and control each god or goddess possessives some type of power to do what they do. The elements of the universe are earth, water, air, wind fire and infinity space (Yahoo). All of these elements need to have an explanation for their existence a god or goddesses are the controller of the elements. These gods have all know powers to control the any element at any time as well as shape shift. For example, Titan in; Greek mythology was one of the twelve children of Uranus and Gaia, supreme rulers of the universe until they were overthrown by Zeus. However, human want explanation for things that cannot be explain or seen by the nature eye.

Whenever, there are new unexplainable situations people become fearful of that circumstances for lack of knowledge or control over the situation. Consequently, people feel the same way about Gods and Goddess the images that are shown to people in books or movies may not always reflect and image of beauty. For example Euryale (Far-Roaming), Medusa (ruler) and Stheno (forceful) they are depicted as ugly. The reason is given that Medusa slept with Poseidon in the temple name after Athena this caused an outrage with Athena, so she cursed Medusa and her two sisters in reality they were very beautiful. It is easy to see why people would want to know about a myth either conscious or unconscious to help to understand what type of element.

In general, myth functions of some gods are to explain phenomena, also it depend on the gods who are needed at the time. Some of the function would be blind a whole culture, set an example for human, establish principles for generations to follow and record information and pass on historical events. In addition thunder, lightning seasonal changes and miracles are said to be Natural phenomena’s which are god’s myths as well. In Greek mythology Hades and Persephone were used to...