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Yolanda Minor

B A 390

Career Report

Objective: to secure a challenging position that allows me to grow as well as to utilize my skills and abilities.

My career with Save the Children provides me with the knowledge, skills, and values that I need to attain my work objective in that it provides me the following:

1. Great Communication Skills -(written, listening, and verbal)

2. Analytical and Reasoning Skills -that assist me with assessing a variety of situations and gathering information necessary for my clients.

3. Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness – Because I work with a diverse group of people, I have to be aware and sensitive to all people and cultures.

4. Honesty/Integrity/Morality – My honesty and integrity that I possess provides me with effective leadership skills.

5. Positive Attitude/Passion – This position allows me to show my enthusiasm as well as my passion for the job with my words and actions I take towards my clients.

6. Willingness to Learn – This job gives me the ability to explore new techniques through trainings and workshops. Because this is a constantly changing world, it is a must to be willing to learn new things.

Ethical Issues

1. Confidentiality –Home visitors receive large amounts of information about families that should not be shared with outside partners I first would go over the partnership agreement that states confidentiality as one of the things I agree too, when family enters the program. Second talk about the possible consequence of his actions by breaking confidentiality (law suits, the loss of the family in the program). Third the result that may occur if this is a reoccurrence event.

2. Using the computer and phone for personal issues- Talk to the employee about the rules and regulations of doing personal work on company time. Give verbal warning about the consequences of his/her actions.

3. Falsifying Documentations- talk to employee about policies and procedures of falsifying...