Career Management Report

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Career Management Report

John E. Abam

University of Phoenix

Career Management Report

What Is A Career Management Plan?

Career management plans (often called career development plans) are used for a variety of purposes. The most important thing that a CMP will do is to put the employee's main goals in focus and commit these goals to paper, giving a concrete ground to refer back to in the future. The CMP takes into account the employee's current situation, strengths and weaknesses, and looks for opportunities and experiences that would aid the employee in the achievement of their goals. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, educational and promotion opportunities. The CMP is beneficial to the organization as a whole as well, as the management will be aiding the employees and creating a sense of bonding in that sense, laying out a plan for the employee's future withing the company.

Aspects of the CMP

One of the most important features to lay out in the CMP is a blueprint for how and when the employee will receive criticism and general feedback on his or her performance. For the CMP we will set up specific, significant time periods as times to perform appraisals of the employees. These will take place twice in the employees first year (one every six months) and yearly after that. Smaller, less formal performance review meetings will be done quarterly, where the employee's strengths, weaknesses, improvements and future goals (both long and short term) will be discussed. After the feedback is given and noted, the employee will be evaluated specifically during the next review on how he or she responded to the particular feedback that was given during the previous session.

These reviews will allow the employee to take stock of their position, all things considered and provide motivation to help them work towards their career goals. By noting areas that are in need of improvement (while keeping the focus on the areas in which the...