Socio-Geograpraphic Factors

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University of Phoenix

June 6, 2011

Socio-Geographic Factors

Socio-Geographic Factors

Child Protective Services is a nation wide company that provides help to children who are involved in any physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical neglect, or medical neglect. It provide families with services to help ensure the child safety in the home and to make the home a safer place to live.

First hand knowledge about the company I would like to discuss how the organization is determined. Child protective Services have many different organization classes. I would like to discuss what class is and how it is related to an organization. "Class, or socioeconomic status (SES), permeates our social behavior and thought. Income and education correlate with job security and satisfaction, family size, political attitudes, and cultural values" (Kottak & Kozaitis). Taking this definition provided and putting it into an organization we can see what makes up different classes in each organization. This will be one of the focuses of the paper. This paper will also allow is to look at what work values are displayed in certain classes, how is the organization affected by geographic mobility, what regional variations exist within the organization and what impact has changing family definitions had on management of the organization.

Child Protective Services (CPS) exists in every stated in the United States. The company has many different classes in that make up different classes in the organization and this class can be call higher management to workers but is not limited to these particular names. I would like to start with the first class that is widely known in the organization. The particular job is called worker. The workers consist of investigator, conservatorship worker, to family base safety service workers and there are so many more that fit into this class of the organization. One of the major components that make up the different classes is...