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Alycia Haynes

Terry Thierry

Marketing 430-01

Dr. D. Hansen

2011, Spring

April 11, 2011

Executive Summary

We conducted a descriptive study on behalf of ARC Cell Phone Company to determine which attributes of a cell phone consumers feel are most important. ARC’s company goal is to come up with a phone that is more durable, has fewer technical difficulties, and better battery life than the other cell phones on the market. We conducted a convenience survey, to see how important durability was ARCs consumer market. An 8 question survey was taken by 15 individual respondents from the different colleges and universities in the Houston area; the data from this was collected and analyzed using a 1-group t-test. (finish this when you find the critical t)

Table of Contents

I. Research Motivation

II. Research Methodology

III. Hypothesis

IV. Results

VI. Recommendations

Appendix I: Survey

Appendix II: 1-group t-test

I. Research Motivation

Problem Definition

We are attempting to assess whether consumers are currently satisfied with the durability of their current phone and other cell phones on the market at this time. Particularly assessing the “interest” in the market for the new sturdier phone we are developing.

II. Research Methodology

Research Design:

Based on the research problem we used a descriptive research design.

Data Collection Method:

Our data was composed of all primary data for this study; there was not secondary data used.

Data Collection Form:

The data collection form that was most helpful in the study was the Five Point Likert Scale that ranges from 1 (Strongly Agree) to 5 (Strongly Disagree).

Sample Design

Sample Frame: College students from various Universities in the Houston Area

Sample Size: 15

Sample Type:

III. Hypothesis

Test whether all respondents would prefer a more durable cell...