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Communications Paper

Communications Paper


August 22, 2011

Communication is a key element of

human interactions. Also in today’s health care environments there are various communication methods, communication enhancements, which blend new technology with traditional and conventional methods. Also providers and patients have access to numerous methods to communicate. In addition, technological developments have created opportunities for communication to be effective by improving the quality of care. Moreover, clear, and effective communication is important when using web-based messaging modes to communicate between providers, and patients. Finally, the benefits of using web-based messaging may alleviate numerous telephone calls, unnecessary clinic visits, improve patient care, improve efficiency for providers and patients, costs savings, and productivity.

Mode of communication

One specific mode of communication that health care providers and patients use is web-based messaging. Although some providers have been slow to adopt this new technology, but others are using new technology to improve patient care, reduce telephone calls, prescription refill service, increase productivity, and improve efficiency for patients as well as providers. Further, messaging systems afford providers and patients to schedule, cancel or change appointments, ask non-urgent questions of providers, and providers can respond in a timely manner. In past times health care providers could not communicate via messaging systems, and had to rely on telephone systems, and face-to-face communication with their patients. Moreover, patients may be embarrassed about asking providers sensitive questions via messaging versus face-to-face.

Benefit of messaging systems

Messaging alleviates the need to use telephones as the only method to communicate with patients, and providers. Because telephone systems have automated features many patients do not like...