Case Study of Jollibee

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5. Appendix 1

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis |

Strengths | Weaknesses |

Flexibility on changing the menu to fit with local taste | Costs of customizing the products is relatively high, financial pressure |

FSM helps developing a new store and provide professional consultancy | Over staffing at international division |

Different types of products with more flavors | Uneven quality on its products |

Opportunities | Threats |

There are more countries to establish Jollibee fast food store | Uncertainty in the new market |

Improve and customize the products | Cost and quality control on new products |

Distinctive from other traditional burgers, or fast food products | Existing competitors |

Non- Filipino customers | Macroeconomic environment |

(SWOT) Analysis



A quick analysis of the industry that Jollibee operates in will bring to light severalimportant issues that it faces in different areas. The company started in 1975 andexpanded quickly throughout the Phillipines . Upto 1983, Jollibee faced no seriouschallengers. The entry of McDonalds into Phillipines changed things, and it was duringthis year that Jollibee first invested heavily in advertising.

Increasing globalization

Sourcing beef materials from different countries and locating in foreign markets bothintroduce the company to global developments such as exchange rates and tariff and non-tariff barriers that could potentially change how operations continue in the future.The migration of large numbers of Fillipino workers to different countries is another factor to consider and exploit.Industry profitabilityMinimizing the company's operating cost by creating an efficient production is one wayto increase its profitability. This can be done by adopting new technologies that can speedup the company's operation. These can greatly help the company to capitalize oneconomies of scale. The same concept forces other players to innovate and cause...