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If I was to summarize my whole life in one word, DIVERSITY would be the best fit. What is your word?


During high school every semester there was a major change. I started at Brukenthal in the Filo Class, transferred into the Mate-Info Class in the 10th grade. At this point I had to catch up with all the science and math classes, so that summer break was not much of a break at all. Then in the 11th grade, my parents had the great idea to sign me up for an exchange student program in the US. So after a few exams and empty bank accounts, I ended up in Arkansas, USA; in other words, it’s the middle of nowhere. This one year exchange program has changed my life 180 degrees ever since. Besides gaining 15kg, I became more mature and self-confident. After the program, I got back to Brukenthal and was ready to graduate. It was a hard, but fun last year. Besides having 3 different German teachers in one year, taking lots of tutoring in order to catch up the 11th grade and prepare for the final exam, I managed to go on the best snowboarding trip of my life with Prof. Fazekas, and to lead the Sächsische Volkstanzgruppe, in Wien with Prof. Nowak. If there was one thing I learned after graduating Brukenthal, than that would that there is no limit of the events and things that you can get involved into. Grades might not be as high, but the experience is priceless and it will pay off big time in the future.

After High School Graduation

After graduation, I started applying to colleges in the USA. I got into two colleges a then found out that my parents won the green card lottery. In other words I am now a permanent resident in the US. That did have its price; I had to miss out on the first year of college, which meant I had to get a job. At that point I was not ready to work yet; it felt weird going to work instead of going to school. But it did not take long and I ended up doing an internship for a web design company that was run by a former...