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Catastrophe Preparation

Dorothy Hall


Dr. Anthony J. Matias

September 8, 2011


Catastrophe Preparation

State Farm Catastrophe Organization has four phases that affect the process designed. The first stage is the planning period where activities are performed before there is any threat of a catastrophic event exists. The second stage is the initial phase immediately following a catastrophic event usually occurring within 72 hours. The focal point of this phase is on claim reporting, emergency claim handling, surveying the damage areas, providing mitigating instructions to the customers, and office set up and deployment of the REACT teams. These teams are the first on the scene before the deployment of the zone and corporate catastrophe teams. The third phase is the long term operation of the catastrophe when claims are handled from temporary established catastrophe offices. The final stage is the close down phase when the catastrophe offices are closing down, and the operation is flushed back into local operational centers.

A metric was used to measure the process is the catastrophe determination from the zone catastrophe coordinator who has the responsibility for determining the implementation process in case of a catastrophe. Using the information gathered for the claim losses sent to special queues will be a measurement in establishing a catastrophe set up.

Irene was followed for days in anticipation of its arrival. Individuals bought hurricane supplies, boarded their homes, bought in outside furniture, and plants. Shelters were readied for opening for individuals who would be evacuated and the...