Coca Cola

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The business environmental analysis of Coca Cola


Table of contents:

Executive Summary ----------------------------------------------------------3 1. Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------3 2. Market Analysis------------------------------------------------------------5 3. Organisation Description and Background------------------------------5 4. Coca Cola Business Environment----------------------------------------6 4.1. Political Factors----------------------------------------------------------6 4.2. Economic Factors----------------------------------------- --------------7 4.3. Social Factors ----------------------------------------------------------7 4.4. Technological Factors ------------------------------------------------- 8 4.5. Environmental Factors --------------------------------------------------8 4.6. Legal Factors-------------------------------------------------------------9 5. Conclusions---------------------------------------------------------------10 6. Recommendation-------------------------------------------------------- 11 7. References----------------------------------------------------------------12



The purpose of this project is to analyse the environmental consequences of the COCACOLA Company, how it impacts on its business activities and decision making. This paper contains basically the external factors which influence its business strategies. In its business life cycle it has come across several challenges and made several strategies. It also contains the background of the organisation which tells how the company has started its journey and now where it has reached after 108 years. At the end of this paper with the conclusion some recommendations are also provided based on the progress of the company in the last five years.


Business environment encompasses all those factors both the internal and external which have direct or indirect...