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If you were one of the employees of XYZ Company and the management is indifferent to training programs, what will you do?


If I were one of the employees in XYZ Company and the management is indifferent to training programs, I will first try to adapt towards the company and the nature of my job. Try to find out what is my job and do it right. I should try to understand the company because for sure there is a good reason why they implement such kind of thing. If it won’t work or I find it hard to do, then maybe it’s the time to make a move. As an employee, I am part of the company. I have the right to speak on what’s on my mind.


I will give my opinions and suggest or recommend to the top management to adapt new changes in the company such as implementing training programs for the employees. Employees need proper and right training for them to be more efficient and productive. Although training programs are costly, they should consider it. Investing time and money for the employees is needed for them to assure productivity.


Through training, employees can improve themselves. Having sufficient training is a good thing to do to improve the employee’s skills and knowledge about their work. Through this, not only the employee can benefit but also the company itself. If they do this, they can produce effective and well-trained employees that can be an asset and not a liability to their company.


If the management will not listen to any of my suggestions or recommendation that can improve us both, then it’s better to hand in my resignation. It’s useless to work in a company where you can’t improve yourself. Working for the sake of money is not just my aim but also to impart and learn something to the company.